Qualitative Market Research


Let us sit down with you and talk about your customers and what they are looking for. Do you have questions about what drives your consumers and market mind share? 

We can craft and execute a bespoke qualitative research plan, including end-to-end focus groups, ethnography, or trend analysis  to uncover insights, drive connections, and create lasting value.  

Social Media Management


Many small businesses and non-profits leave value on the table by not leveraging social media effectively.  

We can help. 

For very little investment we can create and manage a marketing campaign online that engagingly reflects your brand, your products and your goals.  

Communication Coaching


When team members communicate effectively, results happen.  

We offer one-on-one coaching to optimize internal and external communications, to help create connections that enhance teams and lead to results. 

You can't sell your idea, if you can't speak so that people listen. 

Competitive Analysis


We specialize in offering quick, efficient and useful competitive assessments.  

Our methodology works for large brands hoping for an overview of a shifting market, or small to mid-size brands trying to understand the competitive landscape.  

We don't boil the ocean or get lost in the weeds; we look for actionable insights and category themes that can be leveraged to make a difference. 

Marketing Strategy


Wondering if your marketing is aligned with your business goals?  Need to re-think how you are marketing in a shifting environment?  Getting ready to launch a product or service and need help figuring out what to do? 

Let us take a look at your marketing plans, your products and services, or your lunch strategy, and we can help you create, refine or define it. 

It's hard to get on the right road when you don't have a good map!  

Content Creation


Do you need to deliver a presentation but don't know where to start?  Have you been trying to tell your story and are finding yourself stuck?  Do you have some great insights you'd like to share with Clients, but don't know how to articulate them? 

We are often hired to create marketing presentations and high level brand strategy content, or market analysis reflections for our clients.  

We like telling stories, and enjoy getting good ideas the attention they deserve.