Case study #1


Naming/Identification Project:

Situation: A small start-up event production firm needed a new name, which encompassed their ideal brand offering and personality, while also conveying their product attributes (local, organic, movable, farm/city dinners and events).

Approach: We conducted a ‘down and dirty’ Competitive, Brand and Consumer Insight review, and a subsequent Brainstorming Session. We identified a ‘hot list’ of potential name ideas, and then prioritized the choices based on established criteria.  We conducted a Competitive Market Scan/Copyright Review, and presented findings to the Founder.  

Outcome: Name Selected: Pitchfork Productions. Logo in development. 

Case study #2

Ethnographic Research

Situation: A small strategic marketing firm needed outside support to service one of it’s larger clients, a multi-national industrial manufacturer of irrigation and lighting equipment.  

Approach: I engaged with the marketing firm, integrating within their team/operations to support their Client objectives.  We conducted a complete competitive analysis, including distribution channels and market optimization.  We conducted ethnographic fieldwork, watching installations across the country to understand user issues and concerns.  We interviewed buyers and Purchasing Agents, and conducted innovation focus groups and brainstorming sessions to generate new designs and approaches. 

Outcome: Consumer products were optimized to address inefficiencies with installation and design.  New products currently in development. 


Case Study #3


Social Media Management:

Situation: A small, environmental non-profit start-up needed fundraising support as they launched a major initiative to track and tag carp in a local watershed.

Approach: We used social media to increase awareness of the activities of the unknown group within the community, driving traffic to events, spreading earned media (PR) coverage, and creating engaging content across platforms.  After generating 'followers' we used social media to drive virtual traffic to a fundraising platform in support of our goals. 

Outcome: Generated donations in excess of two year's operating income in less than four weeks.  Used excess funds over operating costs to support fieldwork, grant proposals and data collection that resulted in over $100K in support from the state within a year. 

Case Study #4

Expert Blogging:

Situation:  A major international market research firm needed written expert blogs/opinion pieces for their internal client portal.  

Approach: We conducted qualitative and survey research on several established demographic and category verticals, using online scans and on-the-street interviews, as well as media reviews.  We identified relevant trends with traction beyond specific vertical industries, and created content that leveraged those insights relevantly for Clients.  

Outcome: Blogs were written and published. 

Examples include:

· The Medium is the Message

· Hard as Nails

· Beauty and the Barbie

· Divorce 2.0


case Study #5


Qualitative Market Research

Situation:  A major international hearing aid manufacturer needed to understand consumer reactions to their website and marketing materials.

Approach: We used traditional focus groups as well as work sessions with category users to understand our offering vis-a-vis competitors, as well as an ideal state offering.  We dove into emotional reactions to hearing loss, and consumer insights regarding their concerns and functional needs. 

Outcome: Marketing materials were substantially re-vamped to address the significant issues uncovered

case study #6

Communication Consulting

Situation: A large international insurance company was having trouble with its actuarial group, and recognized the opportunity to help the management trainees interact more productively with management and peers. 

Approach: We used results from a quantitative survey to identify areas of improvement, and identify personal communication styles.  We worked with clients in classes as well as in weekly one-on-one coaching sessions to help them better interact with mangers, prepare and give audience focused presentations (including Q&A response), and generally improve their interpersonal relationships. 

Outcome: Participants were astonished at the changes in both their personal and professional lives.  Post-coaching surveys were universally positive.  Most respondents acknowledge they had little awareness of the need for better communication prior to the class, and were therefore stunned at the impact of the classes and coaching.