Left Brain Right Brain Philosophy science logic data linear art intuition sensory context results

The best ideas are generated from both sides of the brain.  

Part logic and linear thinking, part intuition and inspiration.  

Our process is designed to tap into both sides of the brain, so that your solutions make strategic sense, but also resonate with the emotional, limbic reactions of consumers. 

To go beyond logic, to deliver insightful, brand building concepts and strategies.



Every project starts with the left brain: with a strong understanding of the business objectives, in-depth data analysis and market definition, so that final results are firmly grounded in reality. 

Then, we go to the right brain: we dive deep into your consumers' mindset, and once we are deep, we really dig.  

We look at motivations, triggers, and consumer trends, as well as Meta-Trends, to deliver consumer insights, marketing strategies, and concepts  that have the potential to transform your business. 


insight candor experience enthusiasm curiosity dedication teamwork equals results

Fit and personality is important when selecting a consultant.  

We pride ourselves on having the experience and insight to understand your issues, the enthusiasm, curiosity and dedication to engage fully and completely with your firm, and the candor and teamwork skills to integrate authentically into your existing relationships and ecosystems. 

We love what we do, and we do it well.  We are practical optimists, with both intellect and passion.

In the end, it shows in the results.